Succubus Publishing: Nyx

This is the third miniature sculpt for Succubus Publishing: Nyx! She will be produced @ 32mm.
Wanted to use this opportunity to dabble around some more in keyshot! This mini was actually a struggle for me this time around due to her wings, but I think it was a really great learning process!

Responsible for modeling/sculpting/posing and render :)
Base body provided by Jon Troy Nickel.

Layna lazar key 02
Layna lazar key main
Layna lazar nyxturn 04
Layna lazar key 04
Layna lazar key 03
Layna lazar key 05
Layna lazar key 01
Layna lazar nyxturn 02
Layna lazar nyxturn 01
Layna lazar nyxturn 03