Idol Bunny Ayumi

This has been such a long yet fun project with Slugbox and Bunny Ayumi (/^▽^)/

Bunny Ayumi messaged me and asked to work together alongside Slugbox and of course with excitement, we said yes!

We worked together to decide on a theme after Slug came up with TONS of wonderful ideas! The public voted for Idol Bun and that's what we went forward with!

She will be a 10inch tall fully hand painted kit, which ships out second quarter of 2019. As per usual, this is a super limited edition run, so if you want one- you can get one now ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

Designed by: Slugbox
Sculpted by: Layna Lazar
Final Keyshot renders: Jon Troy Nickel (They look sooo good!!)

Layna lazar front back sprex presentation2noblurrr
Layna lazar bunnyayumi twitterbanner
Layna lazar backquarter

Here are some Keyshot Renders done by Jon Troy Nickel! He always does such a fantastic job!! (Im still learning!)

Layna lazar front
Layna lazar facecloseup 1
Layna lazar hair closeup 1
Layna lazar bunny closeup 1
Layna lazar carrot closeup 1
Layna lazar shoe closeup
Layna lazar closeup 1
Layna lazar butt closeup 1
Layna lazar butt closeup 2
Layna lazar unpainted 2

We also have a garage kit version of her, so here is our grey rendered version!

Don't forget I've got some videos up on my channel<3
"Bunny Ayumi: How I Do Ruffles"

Layna lazar bunnyayumizbrush turnaround

Zbrush Render full turnaround

Layna lazar bunnyayu posemockup

Here is the FIRST pose I did!

Layna lazar skirtransform
Layna lazar colorscloseup
Layna lazar fullupdate
Layna lazar whichbody

Figuring out how much to push with the dynamic feeling of the pose.

Layna lazar letters

Once the sculpt was just about finished, I played with some color scheme ideas!

Layna lazar shoebeforeafter
Layna lazar newshoe
Layna lazar notes01
Layna lazar x p8skdmpetq1r5wduoo3 1280

Enjoy some awesome Slugbox concept art that grew throughout the project!

Layna lazar x p8skdmpetq1r5wduoo4 1280
Layna lazar x p8skdmpetq1r5wduoo8 1280
Layna lazar x p8skdmpetq1r5wduoo2 1280

First Bunny concept idea

Layna lazar x p8skdmpetq1r5wduoo6 1280

After about midway through the sculpt, I wanted to push it a bit further so I sat down with Slug to get this design a bit more dynamic!

Layna lazar x p8skdmpetq1r5wduoo7 1280