Bunny Ayumi and Swimsuit Succubus Fanart

I recently stumbled on a really adorable fanart of Swimsuitsuccubus and BunnyAyumi by Tofuubear and I really wanted to have a go at sculpting it in my style!

I took a few days to sculpt this in Zbrush, polypainted it, then threw it into keyshot. Keyshot is the biggest thing (even though there is a lot) that I struggle with and it is by far my weakest area artistically. So I've been having a lot of fun doing these fanart projects as a good opportunity to practice using keyshot and rendering my work!

Please go check out Tofuubear's original concept here:


Layna lazar subun 01dark
Layna lazar buncloseup
Layna lazar subun 02dark
Layna lazar sucloseup

SwimsuitSuccubus with Bunny Ayumi: 3D Timelapse

Layna lazar subun 02
Layna lazar bunfull
Layna lazar sufull
Layna lazar subun 01
Layna lazar breakdownbun
Layna lazar breakdownsu
Layna lazar sulayers
Layna lazar bunlayers