Brandochiesa Inspired Sculpture

This month is my *FAVORITE* month of the entire year, so I wanted to try my best to do some sculpts completely out of my element: creepy, gory, and even some creatures this time around!

I am absolutely madly in love with all of the tattoo art by Brandochiesa, so I wanted to try my best to follow one of his designs. Although by the end I changed it up and finished with something different, I initially tried my best to follow through with it. I think all the pastels and clips and what not weren't translating well to 3D, so I kept as many elements as I could and painted it a different color by the final shot!

I put together a timelapse from when I sculpted it on my Twitch channel for anyone that is interested and wanted a quick recap if they missed it!

I had heaps of fun with this one, and can't wait to upload another creature!

Layna lazar 1

Brandochiesa Inspired 3D Timelapse

Layna lazar 2
Layna lazar 3
Layna lazar 4