Momo-Chan Chibi

Momo-Chan is our IHazToys mascot and we are so excited to finally not only to be releasing a figure specially for her, but our first nendroid inspired chibi for our store! <3

She's finally available for purchase, YES!

I am so excited to finally have finished a nendroid style character as they are so freggin cute! I'm hoping to make many more and improve on this style to get closer to that cute well known chibi style ^-^
Thank you everyone for your awesome feedback ^^

Huge thank you to Jon Troy Nickel who is responsible for the absolutely adorable and lovely renders! <3 They look so good @_@ Perfect finish!

This was sculpted live on my twitch channel:

Layna lazar front
Layna lazar ezgif com resize

Jason Doghateburger Chng did this PHENOMENAL animation for Momo and I wanted to be absolutely sure all of you guys saw it, in celebration of her release!! <3

Layna lazar side2
Layna lazar side
Layna lazar cuteside
Layna lazar turnaround

Zbrush turnaround of the final sculpt!

Layna lazar greyrender 1

The grey resin kits will come with an eye decal on the side if you want to put it on your kit! <3

Layna lazar greyrender 3
Layna lazar greyrender 2
Layna lazar momostarttofin

Quick breakdown from beginning to end :>

Layna lazar eyball

Was messing around with fixing her eye up to be a bit more chibi styled rather than hand painted.

Layna lazar pose 2

Old gross WIP from yonders ago~

Layna lazar beforeaftermomo
Layna lazar body wip

Oh gosh can we please have that pumpkin as an add cute @_@