Swimsuit Succubus

An amazing lingerie / swimsuit model and cosplay enthusiast who goes by the name of Swimsuit Succubus or 'Susu' reached out to us to have a custom figure of herself made up. So approximately 1 year ago we began production on this sculpture. She went through quite a few concepts and design adjustments, pose adjustments and tweaks before finally resting on where we are at today!

Huge thank you to Troy Nickel of course as this wouldn't be as cool without all his help! <3

Designed by Jason 'doghateburger' Chng (as well as stellar illustrations that come with the signature edition!)

Here is all the collectible info!
* 11 inches tall
* Unpainted and Painted versions will be available
* Signature editions will be flown here to us, opened personally and signed, and some extra goodies will be added.
* They will require assembly, though this piece is SUPER simple


Layna lazar color renders 5
Layna lazar color renders 1
Layna lazar color renders 2
Layna lazar color renders 4
Layna lazar color renders 3
Layna lazar color renders 6
Layna lazar signatureedition boxset
Layna lazar unpainted 1
Layna lazar unpainted 5
Layna lazar unpainted 3
Layna lazar unpainted 4
Layna lazar unpainted 2
Layna lazar teaser
Layna lazar clipstudiopaint 2016 12 27 03 18 22

Susu is originally designed by Jason 'doghateburger' Chng. We worked together to find a design just right for this piece!

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Beginning pose idea stage with Jason!

Layna lazar susu3

Trying to figure out which micro bikini worked best for the figure.

Layna lazar 2016 surface 35

This is what we ended up going with for the final pose and outfit. Susu ended up coming out with an outfit later on and we had made updates to her final clothing.

Layna lazar susu progression

Susu's progression over time!